Who we are
The Arab Network for National Human Rights Institutions (ANNHRIs) is a regional network of Arab national institutions for the protection and promotion of human rights in the Arab world; it was established in accordance with what has been agreed upon in the 7th Annual Meeting of Arab National Human Rights institutions that was held in April 2011 in Nouakchott (the Declaration of Nouakchott).
Objectives of the ANNHRIs:
– Strengthening and promoting human rights through the consolidation of the role of Arab NHRIs, so that they can effectively play their role in the protection and respect for human rights, in their respective countries
– Promoting and disseminating the culture of human rights among citizens, stakeholders, in the public and private sectors, and civil society association;
– Advising on harmonization of national legislation with the provisions of international human rights conventions, ratified by the Arab countries
– Capacity building for the member institutions of the Network to obtain Status A in the Sub-committee on Accreditation (SCA) of the international Coordinating committee of NHRIs (ICC)
– Encouraging the establishment of national human rights institutions and strengthening their role in accordance with the Paris Principles
– Strengthening relations of cooperation and coordination among national institutions themselves and with the International Coordinating Committee of National human Rights Institutions and the relevant regional and international organizations.